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Pakistan International Council was set up in 2008 as independent non-political global platform that connects distinguished Pakistani Business and Corporate Leaders within Pakistan and around the world in an effort to create opportunities to collaborate, share ideas and contribute positively towards building a Positive Progressive and Democratic Pakistan.
We act as a bridge that connects Pakistani and International Businesses and fosters positive trade relations between Pakistan and other countries by engaging the business community, chambers of commerce, relevant trade promotion agencies as well as the Overseas Pakistani business and corporate leaders across the world.

A Global Network of Distinguished Pakistan

Patron in Chief: Prime Minister Of Pakistan

The Honourable Prime Minister of Pakistan was pleased to accord his distinguished patronage to our organization in 2008. While we remain totally independent and non-political, we continue to work positively with all funtionaries of state for Pakistan’s progress and prosperity in the National interest. Our inaugural session was held in 2008 under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister of Pakistan in Islamabad Overseas Pakistanis and Friends of Pakistan from United Kingdom, Europe and Middle East were present at the ceremony, Since its formation the Council has launched numerous initiatives , organized conferences and seminars to promote trade and investment as well as facilitated delegations to Pakistan.

Overseas Pakistanis Business Forum

Connecting Pakistani & International Businesses

Overseas Pakistanis Business Forum is a bridge that connects Pakistani and International Businesses. We also create opportunities for distinguished business and corporate leaders from Pakistan and around the world to mutually collaborate and explore new avenues of cooperation aimed promoting trade and at encouraging investment in Pakistan.

A Global Business Network

Overseas Pakistani Business Council is a Global Network that connects Pakistani & International Business Community and creates networking opportunities for them across United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the Middle East and to boost economic activity.

Promoting Trade & Investment

Overseas Pakistani Business Council is a Global Network that connects Pakistani & International Business Community and creates networking opportunities for them across United Kingdom, Europe, North America and the Middle East and to boost economic activity.

Connecting the Business Community

We believe that closer networking between Pakistani businesses and their international counterparts is at the core of expanding Pakistan's trade. We work closely with the business community in Pakistan, the Chamber of Commerce both inside and outside Pakistan to create opportunities for the business community to expand their markets globally.

Positive Pakistan Forum

Positive Pakistan Forum International is an independent non political platform that connects distinguished Pakistani Business & Corporate Leaders Academics and other eminent personalities within Pakistan and around the world in an effort to create opportunities for them to collaborate, share ideas, and play a meaningful role towards contributing in building a Positive. Progressive and Prosperous Pakistan, in line with the vision of our founding fathers.

The Forum was launched at an impressive ceremony in Dubai in 2008 which was presided by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan.

We organize various events and activities in Pakistan and around the world and work closely with individuals and organizations in the public and private sector.

Friends of Pakistan

Positive Pakistan Forum maintains close networks with Friends of Pakistan in various countries who have a close affinity towards Pakistan and we work closely with them.

Events & Activities

Positive Pakistan Forum organizes events in collaboration with its global associates in different countries in an effort to create opportunities for Overseas Pakistanis connect and explore avenues of cooperation. Through our Seminars, Conferences and Networking dinners we also highlight Business, Trade and Investment Opportunities in Pakistan and promote a positive image of the country through Art, Culture, Music and Poetry.

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Advisors & Associates

Positive Pakistan Forum operates with the support and advice of our Board of Advisors

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Board of Associates

Our Initiatives

The Pakistan Dialogue

Seminars | Conferences | Summits | Delegations | Webinars

The Pakistan Dialogue is a Thought Leadership initiative by Positive Pakistan Forum in collaboration with our Associates aimed at proposing Positive Solutions to the emerging challenges facing Pakistan.

The Pakistan Dialogue brings together leading names from the government and private sectors in our series of Seminars and Conferences which are organized at regular frequencies inside and outside Pakistan

  • Policy Makers
  • Economists
  • Academics
  • Diplomats
  • Corporate Leaders
  • Business Leaders
  • Influential Thought
  • Leaders
  • CEO's & Professionals Network

    Positive Pakistan Forum recognizes and appreciates the important and instrumental role being played by Pakistani Professionals, Corporate leaders and CEOs in Pakistan and around the world.  We are pleased to have some prominent CEOs and corporate leaders in Pakistan as well as in other countries and through this forum we aim to provide them of Pakistani origin associated with our Forum and we aim to provide a platform that enables them to contribute towards Pakistan’s progress and prosperity through their skills, advice and expertise.

    We work closely with

  • CEO’s Corporate Leaders Bankers
  • Doctors Lawyers
  • Accountants Architects
  • IT professionals
  • Digital Transformation Experts
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Conencting C-Level Executives & Corporate Leaders Globally

    Pakistan Women’s Forum

    Positive Pakistan Forum strongly believes that Pakistani women have an important and vital role in the progress and prosperity of Pakistan and therefore PPF – Womens Network has been especially formulated to welcome participation by ladies from different walks of life both inside Pakistan and around the world. We have some distinguished Pakistani women associated with our Forum and welcome others. Our events and activities include :

    • Women in Business
    • Women Empowerment
    • Women in Leadership Roles

    Connecting Professional & Business Women

    Art & Culture Forum

    Positive Pakistan Forum celebrates Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage and works to support and encourage Pakistani Artists, performers, designers and other creative icons of Pakistan to highlight Pakistan’s positive image through Art, Culture, Fashion and Music.

    We work closely with

    • Artists & Musicians
    • Designers
    • Performers & Creatively Talented individuals

    Promoting Richness Of Pakistani Art, Traditions, Music & Culture

    Global Pakistani Awards

    Under the Patronage of The Prime Minister

    Global Pakistani Awards : Under Patronage of the Prime Minister Positive Pakistan Forum believes in recognizing the contributions of distinguished Pakistani personalities from Pakistan as well as the Overseas Pakistani community. In this context in association with Pakistan International Council maintains and operates a GLOBAL PAKISTANI AWARD program which is given to highly distinguished personalities.

    A Recognizing Achievements of Distingusihed Pakistanis Globally

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    Positive Pakistan Forum in association with Overseas Pakistanis Business Council is a global network that connects Distinguished Pakistani businesspersons & professionals and if you want to start a chapter of PPF or OBPC In your country you can contact us.

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